withdrawal method definition

I'm about to bust. What should I do? Jane: Use the pull out method, fool! One side has the word, one side has the definition. Microwave and. Coitus interruptus, also known as the rejected sexual intercourse, withdrawal or pull-out method, is a method of birth control in which a man, during sexual  ‎ History · ‎ Effects · ‎ Advantages · ‎ Disadvantages. Coitus interruptus, also known as ' withdrawal ' or 'being careful' or who don't want to be bothered with 'medical' methods of contraception.


Birth Control: The Withdrawal Method (Sex Health Guru) Deutsch Diese Seite in. Planned Parenthood has a partner website about sexual health topics specifically for Nigeria. SHARE VIA E-MAIL To share this link with someone, please fill out the following: Mayo Clinic Health Letter. Men who have more experience, self control, and understand their bodies will make using the withdrawal method more effective.